To figure the assessed value of your house, take your assessment and divide it by .067 (2024)

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  Palisades School Code  091005

 Current Millage Rates

  Total Millage 2023-151.69                                               Total Millage 2024-TBD

  Palisades School District 2023-2024-117.74                Palisades School District 2022-2023-TBD

  Bucks County 2023-25.45 mills                                      Bucks County 2022-27.45 mills

  Tinicum Township-8.5 mills                                            Tinicum Township-8.5 mills

How to figure your tax amount

 Every parcel is assessed by the Bucks County Board of Assessment, and that

 assessment value is multiplied by the millage set by the taxing authority to determine the tax   amount.

        Example- Assessment  x  Millage =   Tax Amount

                           10000   x 0.11774=   $1177.40 (School)

                           10000   x 0.03595=     $359.50 (County and Township)

                           10000   x 0.15169=    $1536.90 (Total taxes for the year)